Dialectic Form

Contemporary designers of shape-resistant curved structures seem to be guided by only one of the following design drivers: (i) analytical geometry, (ii) sculptural esthetics, or (iii) structural efficiency. The behavior of shape-resistant structures depends mostly on their global spatial configuration, and less on the properties of their individual components.  The structurally efficient free-form design challenge lies in determining the ‘right’ structural shape that will resist loads within its surface without the need for extra structural systems. Our research entertains a dialogue between structural curved form and other non-structural design drivers, an approach we refer to as “dialectic” form-finding. The word “dialectic” stems from the Ancient Greek and refers to a method of argument for resolving disagreement. In the context of our research, it stands for the resolution/integration of competing (and sometimes conflicting) design drivers through a rational engineering approach. Our research focuses on dialectic forms driven by structure and environment, construction, material and human health.

Related Publications

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Photo voltaic  adaptive sunshade (prototype) (Photo courtesy Heid A, Bragianski S, Krupka M)

Compound grid shell (prototype) (Photo courtesy Jordan A, Kilian A)