Tine Tysmans

My name is Tine Tysmans, I’m a  structural engineer and PhD candidate at the Vrije Univeristeit Brussel since  2006. My research project, guided by prof. Sigrid Adriaenssens (Princeton University) and prof. Jan Wastiels (Vrije  Universiteit Brussel), explores the potential of a fire safe composite material  consisting of glass fibre textiles and an Inorganic Phosphate Cement matrix,  applied in shells. Due to the rheology of this new cementitious matrix, developed  at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, a composite with a high fibre volume  fraction and thus high tensile capacity can be produced. Part of my research is  in the characterization and modeling of the composite’s constitutive behaviour,  uniaxially as well as biaxially. The fact that this textile reinforced  cementitious composite (TRC) can bear both tensile and compressive stresses is  particularly interesting for the exploration of new shapes of shells, never  built with steel-reinforced concrete. Moreover, this glass fiber reinforced  cementitious composite is noncorrosive, which results in a significant  thickness and herewith associated weight reduction for smaller span (<10 m)  shells. An important branch of my research is therefore focused on the  development and shape optimization of new doubly curved shapes for small span  shells.  I worked out a design methodology for TRC shells, interpreting  the design guidelines of the Eurocodes for this new composite material. Tine is currently Professor at MeMC, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium.


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