Tiffany Agyarko

Hi! I’m Tiffany Agyarko and I’m a junior undergraduate student in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department at Princeton. I’m concentrating in Structural Engineering but I am also working towards a certificate in Urban Studies. I am very interested in projects that allow me to explore how the built environment shapes life within cities. My work with the form finding lab and Professor Adriaenssens allowed me to explore this within the context of urban farming. Our work was focused on helping Neighborhood Growers, an entity that is interested in building a  rooftop greenhouse in Baltimore City, to help gather information about the necessary structural considerations and perform the structural assessment of a rooftop. As part of our research, we developed a methodology to analyse an apartment rooftop and we are currently working on developing one for a typical US industrial warehouse rooftop. This research has helped me make connections between real-life structural projects and  concepts I learnt in classes like Mechanics of Materials.

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