Matthew Streeter

Hi my name is Matt Streeter.  I am currently a second year master’s student in the Structural engineering program at Princeton University and an active member of Sigrid Adriaenssens form finding research group.  I grew up in upstate New York, and received an Undergraduate Degree in Civil Engineering from Syracuse University in May 2012.

In my research with Professor Adriaenssens I am using form finding techniques in the structural analysis of Inflatable Flexible Membrane Structures.  Our work applies numerical modeling techniques to identify the stable geometry of membrane structures under specific design loads.  Currently my focus is on inflatable dam structures and their applications to flood control, water storage, and hazard mitigation.  These structures, which often resemble a long inner tube, can be inflated with either air or water, and are capable of resisting hydro-static loads from one or both sides of the dam.  What is intriguing about the inflatable dam system is that internal forces reduce under externally applied loads.  This is due to the pre-stressing which occurs when the membrane is initially inflated.  It is my goal investigate the response of these systems under a variety of constraints if the hopes of optimizing the height of these structures.

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