Matthew Horner

Hello, my name is Matthew Horner and I am a second-year Master’s student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, working under Professor Adriaenssens in her Structural Form-Finding Lab group.  My research focuses on site-specific Ultraviolet (UV) radiation shading structures.  Many times, structures intended to provide shade to specific target areas do not sufficiently block the sun for much of the course of a typical day, and are designed as more “one-size-fits-all” as opposed to specified to a geographic location.  This is a problem not only for occupant comfort, but for health and safety as well.  UV radiation is a growing health concern particularly when it comes to skin cancer development.  My research has resulted in a form-found wooden compression structure currently in place at Princeton University and pictured here.  UV sensors beneath this structure monitor the radiation levels within its intended shade area, and have not read any radiation levels considered “dangerous” by the EPA.  The resulting procedure that can be easily applied to any geographic location and corresponding time period on the globe.



Horner, M., Rhode-Barbarigos, L., Adriaenssens, S. (2014). ‘Site-specific louvered shells for shading harmful Ultraviolet radiation.’ In: Building and Environment.

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