Marcio Sartorelli

I am a fourth year undergraduate civil engineering student from the Polytechnic School of University of São Paulo (USP) in Brazil, and I am currently part of POLI-FAU double-formation program, which foresee a two year complementation in my engineering undergraduation at the Architecture and Urbanism College of USP as an architect student.  I have implemented the Natural Force Density form-finding method (NFDM) in Rhino/Grasshopper parametric design environment with my research advisor Prof. Ruy Pauletti in a undergraduate research program. I am now in Princeton University with Prof. Adriaenssens as a one month visitor student to generate physical models of shell structures I designed with NFDM, and implement other methods in Grasshopper. Also, I am working on genetic algorithms optimization allied with parametric design to seek efficient and sustainable appealing shells.

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