Lauren Clark

My senior thesis focuses on using a life cycle  assessment to estimate and quantify the carbon emissions from the construction  of the Streicker Bridge.   This is done by using the economic input output life cycle assessment  model (EIO-LCA) developed at Carnegie   Mellon University.  This model uses a table developed by the U.S.  Department of Commerce that shows input and output relationships between the  500 sectors of the U.S economy to determine the life cycle output due to an  increase in input from a given economic sector.   This particular method is ideal for my thesis because it can give  outputs in terms of tons of carbon emissions rather than a dollar amount.  Then using the University’s price of $30/ton  of CO2, the carbon emissions can be added to the total construction  costs.  Also, since the EIO-LCA model has  data for Spain and Germany, I can compare the carbon emissions from  hypothetical construction of the Streicker   Bridge in those countries  and the actual construction costs and cost of carbon emissions.  This comparison will provide insight into  which construction trades are the most carbon intensive and possibly identify  ways carbon emissions can be reduced.


Clark L., Adriaenssens S. (2010).‘Construction cost and environmental impact  of a landmark pedestrian bridge’. Proceedings 2010 ISSST International Symposium on  Sustainable Systems and Technology, Washington DC, USA.

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