Katelyn Scanlan

I am a senior at Princeton studying Civil Engineering and Architecture with a focus in structures.  My thesis centers around the future renovations of Terrace Club, an eating club at Princeton.  A club with over 100 years of history and a home away from home for thousands of former and current Terrace members, the house has seen its share of wear and tear.  Starting with the installation of a modern multi-zonal heating system last year, the club has begun planning a major overhaul of the house to take place within the next few years.  While this first renovation was a major move towards energy efficiency, there is clear room for improvement.  I plan to design energy efficient and sustainable solutions that cater to the needs and values of the club, with multiple options based on large-scale fundraising goals.  Renovations already planned include replacing the slate roof, adding an elevator, and extensions and improvements to the servery, dining space, upper terrace, and third-floor living space.  Through the course of my research, I will design planned changes in a way that will maximize energy efficiency and sustainability as well as design other environmentally-focused initiatives, including daylighting and occupancy sensors as well as photovoltaic cells and solar hot water systems on the roof.  My thesis will address previous old home renovations utilizing green building principles, employ software to assist design choices, and apply these results and conclusions to design a greener, more sustainable clubhouse.

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