Joe Goodglass

I joined the Form Finding Lab in August 2018 to pursue the MSE degree in Civil Engineering. I earned my BSc. in Civil Engineering from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in 2010 and worked for nine years in the U.S. Coast Guard before departing to earn my MBA at Georgetown University. After obtaining my business degree, I worked as a Senior Consultant for a year before deciding to pursue an advanced degree in Civil Engineering at Princeton University. Currently, I am investigating inflatable flexible membrane dams, hydraulic weirs and alternative storm surge/flood protection mechanisms such as an ‘open fabric’ movable water barrier using synthetic materials in regions prone to storm surge flooding and an aggressive rising water table. One objective of this research is to design storm surge barriers that can manage dynamic wave loading, taking under consideration various parameters, such as internal air pressure, water depth and wave height. These barriers will be customized for specific geographic locations in the New York-New Jersey Harbor and tributaries in the Greater New York City area.

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