Hao Liu

My name is Hao Liu. I am a PhD candidate at the Center for Intelligent and Networked Systems (CFINS) in the Department of Automation, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, since 2008, and will be a visiting student to Prof. Sigrid Adriaenssens’ form-finding lab during the spring semester, 2012.

In Tsinghua University, I major in systems engineering (modeling, analyzing and optimization) and operation research, and work with my PhD advisor Prof. Qianchuan Zhao on theoretical issues like performance estimation and optimization for large-scale complex stochastic systems. We’ve been focusing on a research project supported by General Motors Company, which aims at finding energy efficient building designs for manufacturing plants meeting the demand of occupant comfort and the challenge of uncertainty arising from the climate. So far much work has been done to investigate and estimate the internal loads’ effects on the inner environment in manufacturing plants, to quantitatively estimate the building energy performance, and to develop simulation-based optimization framework for energy efficient building design.

While visiting the form-finding lab in Princeton University, I will be guided by Prof. Sigrid Adriaenssens on developing and validating a design methodology that advocates sustainable design through minimal use of materials by matching
structural design ideas to material-efficient systems through the development of digital tools.


Adriaenssens S.,Liu H., Wahed M., Zhao Q. (2013). Evaluation and Optimization of a Traditional north-light roof on Plant Building energy Consumption. In: Energies 2013, 6(4), 1944-1960; doi:10.3390/en6041944

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