Derosh George

I joined the Form Finding Lab as a postdoctoral researcher in July of 2021. Before joining Princeton University, I have worked as a researcher in the field of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering for over six years; two years as a Junior Research Fellow (JRF), and more than four years as a Ph.D. student. My work so far has been interdisciplinary; it was a curious amalgam of solid mechanics, material science, and microfluidics. As a JRF, I worked on biomimetic liquid transport systems, whereas my doctoral studies concentrated on developing carbon manufacturing strategies that enable tailoring carbon’s morphology and microstructure. One of the key products of my Ph.D. research is the development of programmable self-foldable films for origami-based manufacturing.  Pivoting on these prior works, I want to focus my future research on advanced manufacturing methods. As a postdoctoral researcher at Princeton University, my goal would be to grow a unique research portfolio by building upon my foundation on carbon origami microfabrication. Leveraging on my previous work, in my current research, I want to develop a scalable and high-throughput manufacturing method for complex three-dimensional structures of multiple materials and scales, using appropriate folding mechanisms and computational origami approaches. Ultimately, I want to share the knowledge thus gained from research through mentoring, teaching, and publications.

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