Denisa Buzatu

I am a senior in Civil and Environmental Engineering pursuing the Architecture and Engineering track – Structures focus. My allegiance with the Form Finding Lab began in my sophomore year, when I investigated the energy impact of installing dynamic adaptive shading modules on the façade of the Friend Center for Engineering in Princeton. This year, my senior thesis with Prof. Adriaenssens focuses on designing a foldable programmable sheet that is easy to manufacture, control and does not require prohibitive maintenance. My project aims to develop an origami system made out of interconnected rigid triangulated components and memory shape alloy actuators that can move and control the folding of the system’s edges. Such a dynamic system allows for a wide range of possible single and double curved structural surfaces starting from an overall flat configuration.


Diagram of the proposed adaptive system design. The red triangles represent the rigid surfaces, while the green connections represent the actuators.

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