Coley Martin

My name is Nicole Martin, and I am a rising junior in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, pursuing certificates in African-American Studies, Portuguese, and Latin American Studies. I am from Alexandria, Virginia, and I am passionate about environmental and social justice. At Princeton, I am the co-president of Princeton University Mixed Association (PUMA; formerly known as Blended) and the co-director of publicity and graphic design for Princeton University Energy Association. During the summer of 2021, I will be a researcher with Professor Sigrid Adriaenssens and Professor Maria Garlock on representation of women and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or People of Color) within bridge design. The bridge designers we research will be considered for display at the Triennial International Bridge Design Exhibition, and their work will potentially be documented in a research paper. I am excited to work with the Form Finding Laboratory and to delve into the intersection of diversity and civil engineering.

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