Ben Sitler

I am an undergraduate BSE candidate majoring in Civil  and Environmental Engineering with a focus on Structures.  For my Senior Project, I am designing a  steel/glass shell roof to cover the courtyard of Princeton’s Jadwin Physics Building,  investigating how an integrated design workflow can lead to a more creative,  elegant and efficient design.  The design  methodology that I am developing utilizes parametric architectural modeling software,  a dynamic relaxation form finding program, and optimization algorithms to  efficiently explore the economy and aesthetics of various design options.  This method of choosing the final form from a  number of instances has been used by architects since the 1980’s, yet due to  the fragmented nature of the building design industry, structural engineers  have been slow to the realize the potential of this design paradigm.  I hope to use my ideas and findings resulting  from this project at a structural engineering consultancy firm upon completion  of my studies and promote closer collaboration between the architect and  engineer.


2nd Award 2010 SEI Student Structural Design Competition


Adriaenssens S., Sitler B.(2010). ‘Structural digital design to construction workflow for a glass/steel grid shell’. IASS 2010, Shanghai, China.

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