Beatriz Oliva

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering, I transferred to Princeton University as a part of the 2022 class. As a rising Junior, I started working with the Form Finding Lab on July 2020 together with professor Adriaenssens. The research/project consisted on designing an engaging, dynamic and interactive on-line setting for CEE205. I reflected upon my virtual instruction learning experience Spring 2020 and read published reports on what other students believed worked, or didn’t (COVID-19). We generated an asynchronous lecture space, intercalated engagement questions, formulated quizzes/exams to examine the students’ understanding, and developed lab kits to be distributed so that even in a remote setting, the critical visual learning component stayed alive. Some of those concepts involved axial loading, torsion, buckling, material properties, and stress and strain.

At Princeton, I have engaged as an Independent Undergraduate Research student in Havana, Cuba (October 2019). Besides professor Ruben Gallo, I studied the pre and post Cuban Revolution impact on Architecture in the island: my home country. Visited Tropicana, and used the information gathered to redact a cultural/social/structural analysis of the place. Along my personal interests, I also interned at Hábitat para la Humanidad Argentina in the investigation of Urban Voids: unused urban spaces whose reinsertion might alleviate the housing problem in Argentina by increasing affordable housing and playing a fundamental role in the evolution of strong and stable communities. I consider design choice, and the Architecture/Civil field to have an impactful effect on our society, which is why the CEE structural track allows me to bring creative ideas to cities with resources, but it also serves as an avenue to help communities lacking the capital/context to achieve a standard and well-deserved lifestyle through structural revolution.

The Latin language died, but its wisdom perfectly epitomizes my present credo: Each man is the architect of his own fortune.

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