Alex Jordan

I am a second year Master’s student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, working with Professor Adriaenssens in the Structural Form-Finding Lab. I have a BS in Civil Engineering and a BSAD in Architecture from MIT, where I studied structural form finding and optimization in the Building Technology program. I have continued researching how to design shell structures at Princeton, and my Thesis project is to design a habitable shell structure entirely out of a nonstandard material – chocolate. Since chocolate is not ideal for carrying loads, I have used the tools of form finding, optimization, and parametric design to create a system that is strong, constructible, and aesthetically pleasing. My other projects include constructing a full size bent-lath gridshell as part of a cluster at Smart Geometry 2012, and assisting the students in CEE463 create structural models for the upcoming museum exhibit on German shell design.


Jordan, AJ, Adriaenssens S, Kilian A., Adriaenssens, M, Freed, Z. (2012). ‘Material Driven design for a chocolate Pavilion.‘ In: Computer-Aided Design

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