TALK: Miami Marine Stadium (FL, USA): restoration of a city’s identity and local pursuit of pleasure

Stadia visually dominate the urban landscape due to their large scale and can be powerful symbols of the promises andproblems of local cities. As they should be designed to last, this hard infrastructure can give a city identity andat the same time improves the local quality of life through the pursuit of pleasure. In the decades leading uptothe 21st century, the Miami Marine Stadium (Miami, FL, USA, 1962present), with its expressive modernhyperbolic paraboloid roof, had been embraced to provide attractive entertainment to the local communitywhile at the same enhance Miami’s image as a city to an (inter)national audience. Under the political pretext ofan unsafe structure, the client, the City of Miami, boarded up the stadium in 1992. The community activist,Donald Worth, co-founder of Friends of the Miami Marine Stadium, will talk about the motivation, objectives,context, organization and challenges of his grassroot organization that aims at the restoration and return tooperation of Miami Marine Stadium in the interest of the local public.

This event is sponsored by the Princeton-Mellon initiative.