PUBLICATION:Robust topology optimization of truss structures with random loading and material properties: A multiobjective perspective

In this paper an approach to robust topology optimization for truss structures with material and loading uncertainties, and discrete design variables, is investigated. Uncertainties on the loading, and spatially correlated material stiffness, are included in the problem formulation, taking truss element length into account. A more realistic random field representation of the material uncertainties is achieved, compared to classical scalar random variable approaches. A multiobjective approach is used to generate Pareto optimal solutions showing how the mean and standard deviation of the compliance can be considered as separate objectives, avoiding the need for an arbitrary combination factor.

Richardson, J.N., Coelho, R.F., Adriaenssens, S. (2015).‘Robust topology optimization of truss-like structures with random loading and material properties: a multi-objective perspective.’ In: Computers and Structures doi:10.1016/j.compstruc.2015.03.011