PUBLICATION: Modeling underwater cable structures subject to breaking waves

This work explores the design problem of a cable net shark barrier. Protective cable net barriers are generally accepted as the most acceptable approach to preventing shark attacks, but their adoption has been hampered by high costs of maintenance. As with any structural design, to achieve high reliability at low cost, it is paramount to investigate and select the most appropriate form. This work focuses on the effect of the mesh shape. The software OrcaFlex is used to analyze different mesh shapes subject to variable wave heading. The mechanical behaviors of six regular net configurations is presented and compared in terms of their cumulative tensile load histories. In general, the results indicate that the use of vertically orientated elements should be minimized to more evenly distribute the internal forces. This research is of relevance to the analysis and design of moored cable structures.

A. Niewiarowski, S. Adriaenssens, R.M.O. Pauletti, K. Addi, L. Deike, ‘Modeling underwater cable structures subject to breaking waves ‘, Ocean Engineering, vol. 64, 15, pp. 199-211.