The inaugural Princeton-Fung Global Forum, “The Future of the City,” will be held from January 30 through February 1, 2013, in Shanghai, China. Participants will include filmmakers, writers, scholars, urbanists, architects and policymakers.

It has been in cities that people developed the very concept of what it means to be modern. We should not, therefore, be surprised to find that many of the processes we place under the mantle of globalization are in fact urban. These range widely, from how people imagine “home” in an age of heightened mobility, to the sprawl into megacities and the test of rising ocean levels as a result of global climate change. Cities as far apart as Shanghai, New York and Mumbai are confronting the challenges of modernity differently; cities have their own spirits, economic foundations and technological resources.

PROJECT SHOWCASE: THE RESILIENT CITY – Getting into shape: Sustainable civil infrastructure

An architecture and engineering exhibition showcasing diverse projects that address 21st century questions of resilience in climatic, structural and urban terms.

Thursday 31st January 16h30 – 18h00