ON-LINE LEARNING: NovoEd and CEE205 Mechanics of Solids

CEE 205: Mechanics of Solids is the first departmental prerequisite course for all sophomore students entering the CEE Department and also attracts concentrators from Architecture, MAE and ORFE.  Annually, the course serves 20 to 30 students. The learning goals for CEE 205 students are to develop structural engineering design skills (goal #1) and an understanding of the fundamental principles of solid mechanics (goal #2). The objective of this project is to incorporate the online, student-centered learning platform, NovoEd, into the course to provide the students with a more active, engaging and collaborative way of meeting both learning goals while improving their retention of concepts.  Specifically, we build on our successful recent revisions of the course by creating (1) an interactive virtual design space where design ideas can be shared, developed and critiqued and (2) enhanced, online complementary lectures featuring problem solving examples.

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