JOURNAL PUBLICATION: Coupled form-finding and grid optimization approach for single layer grid shells

 This paper demonstrates a novel two-phase approach to the preliminary structural design of grid shell structures, with the objective of material minimization and improved structural performance. The two-phase approach consists of: (i) a form-finding technique that uses dynamic relaxation with kinetic damping to determine the global grid shell form, (ii) a genetic algorithm optimization procedure acting on the grid topology and nodal positions (together called the ‘grid configuration’ in this paper). The methodology is demonstrated on a case study minimizing the mass of three 24m x 24 m grid shells with different boundary conditions. Analysis of the three case studies clearly indicates the benefits of the coupled form-finding and grid configuration optimization approach: material mass reduction of up to 50% is achieved.

Richardson J.N.,Adriaenssens S., Coelho R.F., Bouillard P., (2013). Coupled form finding and grid optimization approach for single layer gridshells’. In: Engineering Structures, 52, pp. 230–239, DOI 10.1016/j.engstruct.2013.02.017