FUNDING: Spatial Adaptable Rapidly Erectable Building Systems

At a time of increased awareness about sustainability globally, adaptive building systems could provide the needed resources minimising solutions. The aim ofthe new partnership is to establish research synergy and understand the regional trends and capability, especially with the new partners from USA. Therefore the main activities, two one week workshops (USA and Korea) and final conference (Denmark), aim to create a platform for global k nowledge and data sharing, enabling the participants to determine the specific interests of the other i nternational researchers, their current progress, sharing views on global research issues in the field. The network will give possibilities for exploring: a) early stages researchers’ mobility, b) new-shared graduate teaching courses, and, c) joint funding applications including additional industrial partners from Asia, Europe and USA. The two workshops (USA and Korea) will present the state-of-art research work within Europe, Asia and USA, and also, generate new research links between Europe, Asia and Denmark. The visits will give input into the research partners’ current work, facilities, their networks, and also establish links with other researchers from these environments. The common conference held in Denmark towards the end will build a discussion platform and establish future collaboration agreements beyond the current network program.