FUNDING: Lewis Fund for Denisa Buzatu

Denisa Buzatu will receive financial support from the Lewis Fund for Innovation in Energy and the Environment, administered through the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment of Princeton University to perform research with our group.

Denisa will study the impact of installing adaptive shading devices on the south facing façade of the Friend Center for Engineering, a building that is largely exposed to sunlight and tends to overheat and to experience glare during summer. The aim of this research project is to minimize the energy consumption (energy needed for lighting, heating and cooling) of Friend Center for Engineering by determining the optimal angle configuration of the shading modules for each hour of the day as a function of the position of the sun and to adapt the structural system accordingly. Her research project will analyze the possible net energy savings by comparing the energy needed to operate the modules with the reduced needs in utilities. On the assumption that our premises are confirmed, the installation of such shading modules would constitute not only a way of reducing the energy consumption of Friend Center for Engineering, but could also provide new opportunities for students and faculty by engaging the campus as a laboratory for research and education. 

Welcome Denisa!