FUNDING: Beyond Shading: New materials, technologies, and forms for cool spaces

We will attempt to create a cool comfortable outdoor space in the heat of a Princeton summer without using any air conditioning. We will create an experimental shaded pavilion space that generates additional comfort by manipulating the mean radiant temperature generated by its surfaces. The research will investigate three novel techniques of reducing the surface temperatures to achieve additional comfort: 1) through the development of a new direct evaporation membrane on the facade, 2) through the activation of the structure by combining technologies of integrated radiant piping with an evaporative cooling tower, and 3) through generating an intelligent form that reflects the radiant temperature of a single pipe throughout the space. They will utilize evaporative cooling methods that only require a small amount of pumping energy to achieve cooler temperatures.  Through radiative heat exchange, the mean radiant temperature shifts the perceived comfort of users while air temperature may remain out of typical comfort criteria. By engaging with architecture and engineering students, adapting structure and form, and imbedding new materials and technologies we will demonstrate a new type of cool space with broad implications for the system design conventions and resulting energy demand of buildings. The Form Finding Lab will be involved in developing a radiant cooling form.


Image courtesy: Gregors  Riemann