Newton’s laws of motion lie at the basis of the works shown in this exhibition. A body is in equilibrium when it balances out external forces acting on it with the internal forces within. Even when this equilibrium is disturbed like by pulling and releasing a node in a net, this equilibrium is restored, and the node returns to its initial position. The works on concern networks comprised of many interconnected flexible, semi-flexible or rigid elements. The way in which the individual elements are connected (i.e, .their topology) and the collective shape they constitute, determine how the global network responds to external loading. This exhibition is structured in three parts. The first part focuses on efficient equilibrium shapes for tensile nets and inverted compressive nets with linear elements. The second part introduces shape-shifting flexible networks that are metastable and inspired by the handcraft of lace. The third part focuses on how domes and vaults, composed of rigid volumetric elements, can be assembled without any external supports.

14 E Peace St, Raleigh, NC 27605

31 January -24 February 2023

A big shout out to NC State University and the AIA Triangle for their support.

Poster Design: Axel Larsson