We have chosen the theme of shells because today most structural engineers fear shells:  they are mysterious and difficult to assess and master. We are not able – or should we say “willing” – to design these complex curved surfaces anymore.  Arches, vaults and shells are structurally highly efficient structures. We cannot agree more with Jorg Schlaich when he states “Since efficient structures can only be achieved by designed according to their natural flow of forces, they have their own innate beauty and may even make their own cultural statement. So ecological, cultural-social – what could be more timely?”

Jorg Schlaich in Seven Structural Engineers: The Felix Candela Lectures  By Guy Nordenson,p.141


Sekai Zenegeza and Melody Tan adjusting the hanging chain model of the Mannheim Multihalle (while Jarred Mihalik, who also worked on this model, takes the picture).