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1997 – 2000  Centre for Lightweight Structures, University of Bath – Bath, England
Doctor of Philosophy – thesis “Stressed Spline Structures” with Prof.M. Barnes and dr.C.J.K. Williams

1996 – 1997  Centre for Lightweight Structures, University of Bath – Bath, England
Master of Philosophy – thesis “Hybrid Tensegrity Structures”

1991 – 1995  Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, University of Bath – Bath, England
B.Eng. (Hons.) Civil / Structural Engineering



02/09 – present  Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Princeton University, Princeton, USA
Assistant Professor

10/06 – present Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) Brussels, Belgium
Affiliated with Department of Mechanics of Materials and Constructions

10/04 – 12/08  Polytechnic for Art and Science St-Lucas Brussels, Belgium
Part-time lecturer

10/03 – 9/06  Ney and Partners, Consulting Engineers Brussels, Belgium
Senior Project Engineer

9/02 – 9/03  Jane Wernick Associates, Consulting Engineers London, England
Full-time Project Engineer

9/00 – 8/02  Civil Engineering Department, University of Mauritius, Moka, Mauritius
Visiting Fellow in Structural Design and Analysis

3/94 – 8/94 Structwell Designers, Consulting Engineers Mumbai, India
Structural Engineering Intern

3/93 – 8/93  Architektenwerkgroep, bOb Van Reeth Antwerp, Belgium
Architectural Engineering Intern



IASS | International Association Shell and Spatial Structures, Chair Working Group 5 Shells

Scientific Commitee of Ecole des Ponts ParisTech | France

FNRS National Fund for Scientific Research Belgium | SEN3 and Foresight

ASCE | American Society of Civil Engineers – member Aesthetics in Design Committee

IASS | International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures | member WG Concrete Shell Roofs, WG Structural Morphology and WG Historical Structures

IABSE | International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering

TensiNet | Association for Tensile Surface Structures

International Association of Space Structures | Editorial Board Member



The Resilient City: Conquering the sky (co-curated with Maria Garlock and Branko Glisic). Princeton University Global Forum (Shanghai, China Jan 2013).

The Evolution of German Shells: Efficiency in Form (co-curated with Branko Glisic).  Princeton University Engineering Library (January 2013) Website:

Fazlur Khan: Structural Artist of Urban Building Forms (co-curated with Prof. Garlock).  Princeton University Engineering Library (September 9, 2011 – present).


Smart Mast (project with Prof. Glisic). Princeton University, Making Stuff (January 2011) and Princeton Annual SEE Expo (November 2011).



Invited talks and presentations

“Form finding techniques and optimisation of structures”, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany, October 2015.

“Tensile and Compression Systems”, Institution of Structural Engineers, Singapore, September 2015.

“The beauty of lighweight structures”,Sao Paolo University, Sao Paolo, Brazil,May 2015.

“Force-modeled structures for a future-oriented urban environment”, research seminar, Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland,April 2015.

“Revisiting the force-modeled shells of Sergio Muscemi”, University “Roma Tre” of Rome LaMS – Modeling and Simulation Lab,  Department of Architecture, Rome, Italy, April 2015.

“How a historian and a civil engineer look at the landscape and infrastructure”, Princeton Mellon Forum for Research on the Urban Environment Princeton University, March 2015.

“Form Finding”, research seminar, Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland,October 2014.

“Stadium Cultures in North and South America”, Panel Discussion, Princeton Mellon Forum for Research on the Urban Environment, September 2014.

“Dialectic Form Finding”, Utzon(X) Symposium, Aalborg University,Denmark August 2014.

“Form and Elasticity”, research seminar, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,Troy,USA,  April 2014.

“Elastic Structural Shapes”, research seminar,University of California, Berkeley,USA,  March 2014.

Keynote Lecture, 4th Design Modelling Symposium Berlin“Rethinking Prototyping” , University of the Arts, Berlin, Germany, 29 September – 2 October 2013.

“Active Bending”, invited presentation,  VI International Conference on Textile Composites and Inflatable Structures – STRUCTURAL MEMBRANES 2013, Munich, Germany, 9 -11 October 2013.

“Computation in shells”, Keynote lecture, WG13 IASS Symposium, Wroclaw, Poland, September 2013, 23-27 September 2013.

“A glass roof based on a 16th century sea chart”, invited talk Engineering and the Arts lunch time lecture series, Princeton University, May 2013.

“Better Urban Shells”, Research presentation, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, March 2013.

“Finding Shapes for Shells”, Research Presentation, Laboratoire Navier, Ecole des Ponts, Paris, France, March 2013.

“What I did next: Structure and Form”, Research presentation, Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, University of Bath, England, March 2013.

“Structural Forms and Forces”, Research presentation, Biberach University of Applied Sciences, Germany, March 2013.

“Shaping Civil Structures”, Research presentation, TU Delft, The Netherlands, March 2013.

“Shells: Efficiency through Form”, Research presentation, VUB, Belgium, March 2013.

“Finding Better Forms for Structures”, Research presentation, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK, March 2013.

“Getting into Shape: Sustainable Civil Infrastructure”, Project Showcase, Shanghai, China, January 2013.

“Form Finding and Optimisation in Civil Structures”, Department of Civil Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, USA, November 2012.

“Finding Form”, Lunch Time Talk, Mathey College, USA, November 2012.

“Ivy + Sustainability”, Princeton University, panel member, April 2011.

“Women in Science”, Princeton University, colloquium, March 2011.

“Form-Finding of Footbridges”, Princeton University, School of Architecture, lecture in IWS Fa10,  October 2010.

“Designing Pedestrian Bridges”, Guy Nordenson Associates, Engineering Firm, NYC, October 2010.

“Finding Sustainable Forms: Exercises in Structural Design”, M.Eng. seminar, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT, September 2010.

“Women in Science, Math and Engineering.”, Princeton University,orientation  panel member, September 2010.

“A Grand Challenge: Creative Structural Design”, M.Eng. seminar, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT, November 2009.

“The Challenges of being a female engineer”. Princeton University, Keynote speaker GWISE (Graduate Women in Science and Engineering) yearly opening ceremony, October 2009.

“Form and Forces”.  Princeton University,MIRTHE Summer Program, July 2009.

“Form Finding and Digital Fabrication”,Simpson Gumpertz & Heger (SGH), Engineering Firm, NYC, June 2009.


Conference/Workshop Organizer

IASS 2015 member scientific committee, Amsterdam 2015.

Workshop “Form Finding of Concrete Structures”: Ruhr-University Bochum, Bochum, October 2015.

Fifteenth International Conference on Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Computing: Civil-Comp 2015 (CC2015)  member editorial board, Prague, 2015.

Third International Conference on Flexible Formwork ICFF2015, scientific committee member, Amsterdam 2015.

Design Modeling Symposium, member international scientific committee, Copenhagen, 2015.

Special Issue “Advances in Dynamic Relaxation”: guest editor Journal of Space Structures, 2015.

Structural Membranes 2015, co-organizer session “Advances in Dynamic Relaxation Method”, Barcelona, 2015.

Special Issue “New directions for shells”: guest editor International Journal of Space ad Shell Structures, 2015.

IASS 2015, co-organizer session”New directions for shells”, Amsterdam, 2015.

Workshop  “Form Finding and Sustainable Infrastructure.”, Sao Paolo University, Sao Paolo, May 2015.

Workshop “Form, Structure and Material.”, Tre Roma University, Rome, April 2015

International Conference on Innovation in Architectural Design and Fabrication (ICIADF2014 ), member international scientific committee, Toronto, 2014.

Twelfth International Conference on Computational Structures Technology (CST2014), member editorial board, Naples, 2014.

IASS-LSTE 2014 Symposium, member international scientific committee, Brasilia, Brasil, 2014.

Structuring the built environment: Time, Place and Progress, member organizing committee, Rome, Italy, 2014.

ASCE/SEI Design Forum, member organizing committe, NYC, USA, 2014.

SEAS Strategic Planning Workshop, organizer session “Urban Resilience”

ICAMA 2013, chair person session on Engineering-Kinetics and Adaptability, Toronto, Canada, 2013.

Design Modelling Symposium, member scientific committee, Berlin, Germany, 2013.

CC2013 Fourteenth International Conference on Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Computing , member editorial board and session chairperson, Sardinia, 2013.

IASS 2013 Symposium, member international scientific committee and session chairperson, Wroclaw, Poland, 2013.

ICFF2012 Second International Conference on Flexible Formwork, member scientific steering committee, Bath, UK, 2012.

CST2012 The Eleventh International Conference on Computational Structures Technology, member editorial board and session chairperson, Croatia, 2012.

The Fazlur Rahman Khan Distinguished Lecture Series and Grand Opening of the exhibition “Fazlur Khan: Structural Artist of Urban Building Forms”, Sept. 9, 2011, co-organized with Maria Garlock.

INSA Workshop, Princeton University, June 2011, co-chair with Prof. Garlock and Prof. Billington.

Optimization Workshop, Princeton University, co-organised with Prof. Lochner, Hochschule Biberach, Germany, March 2011.

Workshop on Sustainable Design in developing Countries, for Engineers without Borders, funded by the High Meadows Sustainability Fund, October 2010.

Form Finding Workshop, Princeton University, co-organised with Prof. C.J.K. Williams, Bath University, UK, April 2010


International Journal of Space Structures

Teaching Experience

Lecture Classes:

CEE205  Mechanics of Solids – Fall 09,10,11,12,13,14,15

CEE262A Structures and the Urban Environment (one lecture and precept) – Spring 09 and 11, 12,13,14,15

CEE546 Form Finding of Structural Surfaces – Spring 11, 12,14

EGR 194 An Introduction to Engineering (one lecture) -Spring 14, 15

ARC 510 Structural Analysis for Architecture – Fall 2014

 Studio Classes:

CEE473 A Social and Multi-dimensional Exploration of Structures  (co-taught with Prof. Garlock and Prof. Glisic) – Fall 10, 12

VIS418-CEE418 Extraordinary Processes (co-taught with Prof. J.Scanlan) – Fall 2015

Independent Study Classes:

CEE376: Independent Study (undergraduate) – Spring  11,13,14,15 – Fall 14

CEE509: Directed Research (graduate) – 10,11,12,13,14,15

CEE510: Research Seminar (graduate) – 10,11,12,13,14,15


Visiting Post-doctoral and Student Research Visitors:

Irmgard Lochner-Aldinger (Fall 2014), Hochschule Biberach, Karlstr. 11 – 88400 Biberach / Riss, Germany

Victor Charpentier (Fall-Winter 2013), Labo Navier, Ecole des Ponts, Paris, France.

Rajan Filomon Coelho (Summer 2013), Batir, Universite Libre de Belgique, Brussels, Belgium.

Hao Liu (Spring 2012),Center for Intelligent and Networked Systems (CFINS), Department of Automation, Tsinghua University,China

James Richardson (Fall 2011- Spring 2012), Université Libre de Bruxelles,  BATir (Building, Architecture and Town planning Department),  F. D. Roosevelt, 50 – CP 194/2, B – 1050 Brussels, Belgium

Rene Motro (Spring 2011), Laboratoire de Mécanique et Génie Civil, Case courrier 048, Université Montpellier II, Place Eugène Bataillon 34095 Montpellier, Cedex 5,France

Tine Tysmans (Fall 2009), Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Pleinlaan 2, B – 1050 Brussel,Belgium

Evrard Fauche (Summer 2009),  École Polytechnique ParisTech, 91128 Palaiseau Cedex, France

Post-doctoral Student

Landolf Barbarigos-Rhode, Princeton University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, (2012-present)

Doctoral Students

Ashley Thrall (2011). “Design and Optimization of Linkage-Based Moveable Bridge Forms”, currently assistant professor at Notre Dame University (co-advised with Prof. Garlock)

Allison Halpern, (2014). “Stability and Serviceability optimization of Footbridges”, currently project engineer at HNTB.

Doctoral Committee

Frederic Tayeb, Ecole des Ponts et des Chaussees, PariTech, France (2015)

Hiba Abdel-Jaber, Princeton University (2014)

Sina Nabei, Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne, Switzerland (2014)

Kaloyana Kostova, Bath University, UK (2014)

Caitlin Mueller, MIT, Building Technology Group,USA (2013-present)

Dorotea Sigurddotir, Princeton University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,USA (2013 – present).

Jonathan Glassman, Princeton University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, USA(2012 – present).

Yao Yao, Princeton University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,USA (2012 – present).

Benoit Deschamps, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Batir, Belgium(2010-present).

Ting Tan, Princeton University, Department of Mechanical and Aero Engineering, 2011.

Graduate Students

Tim Michiels, Ph.D., Class of 2018.

Victor Charpentier, Ph.D., Class of 2018.

Hannah Bands, M.S.E., Class of 2015.

Edward Segal, Ph.D., “Polyester rope in suspended footbridges”, Class of 2015.

Matthew Streeter, M.S.E. Class of 2014.

Matthew Horner, M.S.E. Class of 2014.

Luca Nagy, M.S.E. Class of 2014.

Daniel Reynolds, M.A., Class of 2013.

Alex D Jordan, M.S.E. Class of 2013.

Meghan Krupka, M.S.E. Class of 2012.

Serguei Bagrianski, M.S.E. Class of 2012.

Patrick D’Ambrosio, M.Eng, Class of 2009 (2009)

Undergraduate Senior Theses

Michael Mallard (2015)

Denisa Buzatu (2015)

Cristine Anastase (2015)

Irmak Erman Eruz (2014) – A methodology for the preliminary design process of a bulged diagrid tall building.”

Bar Shabtai (2014). – “The application of machine learning to active tensegrity structures.”

Mariam Nadjia Laura Wahed (2014) – “Boundary conditions and structural form: a comparative analysis of Pier Luigi Nervi’s Sports Stadia.”

Sabrina Siu (2013) – “Investigation into Sun shading applications of Electroactive Polymers” (co-advised with SigurdWagner)

Peter Szerzo (2013) -“Spoke wheel membrane structures” (co-advised with Michael Stein, Schlaich and Bergermann NY)

Katelyn Scanlan (2013) – “A Sustainable Solution for Terrace Club of Princeton” (co-advised with Robert Harris)

Victoria Richardson (2013) – ” Adaptable tensegrity modules” (co-advised with Gordana Herning)

Lux, Sarah (2012) – “The evolution of the American synagogue” (co-advised with Prof. Lewis, School of Architecture)

Weiss,Daniel (2012) – “Forms for  vaulted systems for abandoned churches” .

Brown, Nathan (2012) – “Structural and Geometric Feasibility Study of Hypar Shells”

Fletcher, Daniel (2012) – “Barrier island system in New York Harbor” (co-advise with Guy Nordenson and Howard Stone)

Tina Yuting (2012) – “Smart Forms Using dielectric elastomers” (co-advise with Sigurd Wagner and Catherine Peters)

Wachter,Maryanne (2011) – “Structurally efficient Timber Grid Shell Nodes: a case study of the Scunthorpe Sports Academy.”

Prier, Megan (2011). “Responding to Nigeria’s Building Challenges: A Bamboo Dome Design for a Nigerian School.”

Huang, Scott (2011). “Parametric Statics: Automated Graphical Methods for Design, Analysis and Form Finding.”

Abellard,Daneeka (2011). “Plybamboo in Haiti: A Feasibility Study of the Use of Laminated Bamboo Lumber for Bridge Construction in Haiti”

Clark, Lauren (2010). “The True Cost of Construction:An Analysis of the Carbon Dioxide Emissions from the Materials Used in the Streicker Bridge”

Horstmeyer, Gregor (2010). “Glass Hypar Shells”

Sitler, Ben (2010). “Integrated digital Design to Construction Workflow: from a structural engineer’s perspective”

Undergraduate Independent Research Work

Aaron Katz (2015). “Form Finding Techniques in Musmeci’s work”

Julia Wilcots (2014). “Topology Optimization using the homogenization method for basic structural elements”

Bar Shabtai (2013). “Dynamic Relaxation.”

Szerzo, Peter (2011). “Geometry and Structural Analysis of Deployable Pantograph Structures”


Princeton University Service

Associated Faculty, School of Architecture, Princeton University 2015

Task Force on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Academics and Awareness – Committee Member (2015)

McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning – Faculty Fellow (2014-2017)

SEAS Self-Study Committee: BSE Undergraduate Program – committee member (2014-present)

Faculty Advisory Committee on Policy  – Elected member, Princeton University (2013-present)

Council Princeton University Community – Elected Executive Committee Member , Princeton University (2013-present)

Program in Urban Studies –committee member , Princeton University (2012-present)

Architecture and Engineering Program – committee memberPrinceton University (2011-2017)

Robotics and Intelligent Systems Program – committee member, Princeton University (2011-present)

Civ / Arc track – advisor, Princeton University (Fall 2012)

ARC503 Integrated Building Studio – jury member, School of Architecture, Princeton University (2012).

Unflat Inevitabilities Option Studio – jury member, School of Architecture, MIT (2015)

Global Forum: Future of the City –member, Princeton University (2012-2013)

Freshman open house – presenter, CEE, (2011,2013,2014)

Princeton Preview -presenter, CEE, (2013,2014,2015)

SEAS Strategic Planning Workshop – organizer “Urban Resilience” Session (2014)

SEAS Major Fair CEE- presenter (2011,2014)

Freshman Class – advisor (2011,2012,2013,2014)

Mathey College –  Faculty Fellow  (2011-present)